African Fashion Design

Mar 2


Nancy Nwadire is behind all the intricate detail and distinguished tailoring of Iconic InVanity.

Nancy’s interest in fashion started at an early age as she fondly recollects:

“I first fell in love with the art of dress making the day I watched my mother cut and hand sew my twin brother and sister’s coming home outfits, they were the cutest pair of checked pastel blue cotton dresses with yellow smocking I had ever seen.”  Inspired by the handmade garments of her mother growing up, Nancy coveted her widely esteemed dress-making techniques that are easily identifiable in the brand today.

Her brand ICONIC INVANITY was founded in 2009. It is a luxury lifestyle brand that encapsulates a unique blend of African heritage beautifully converged with the Western influences within the high fashion industry.

Now an alumni of the London Institute (an affiliate of the London College of Fashion), Nancy boldly creates the perfect fusion of colours, fabrics and empowering fit to ultimately produce timeless pieces that ooze elegance, class and poise for the distinguished individual. An apt representation of the brand, Nancy’s inspiring design ethos and aesthetic pieces are truly iconic.

Having featured in the likes of internationally renowned Arise Lagos Fashion Week and Vogue magazine, in just a short spectrum of time Iconic Invanity has become a much sought after brand and is now set to launch in central celebrity fashion hub Los Angeles as part of its international expansion for the year 2013. With Grammy award winning artists in L.A showcasing the latest designs, the brand is already set to make waves across the US fashion industry.

Despite rapid growth, Iconic Invanity has stayed true to its brand DNA and is fast becoming the luxury brand of choice both in African and beyond. The brand will continue to thrive to create an unimaginable experience for all of its’ clients.